The work of a truck driver is harder than it seems. Others look at a driver and think that he or she sits behind the wheel, does not do anything exhausting and constantly changes his or her surroundings so, all in all, their work is interesting. However, hardly anyone takes into consideration the dangers arising from such a distinctive lifestyle. What influence does this job have on the condition of a human body? It has to be acknowledged that the profession has many consequences, not necessarily the pleasant ones. So what should a truck driver’s Decalogue include? Here are 10 rules that should be taken to heart.

  1. Movement and fresh air equal health

In a job like this, the lack of movement may be a problem. How can a driver solve it? They should look for opportunities to be active. Of course, it is not really possible when driving but during breaks the case is very different. There are more and more outdoor gyms on parking lots, where drivers can do some exercise. They can also take their bikes and explore the surroundings during stops. Let’s not forget to supply a large dose of fresh air while driving, thus overcoming sleepiness during a dull trip.

  1. Healthy spine

Being forced to sit, we should do everything to minimize a negative impact of sitting on our spines. Let’s make sure that we sit properly. Stores offer special back supporters improving the position of our bodies. It is also important to properly adjust a driving wheel and a seat in order not to expose a spine to various, painful degenerative changes, which may happen to us sooner than we think.

  1. Regular health checks

It is advisable to visit a doctor on a regular basis. We should not wait for first alarming symptoms but check our health systematically. In the end, any indisposition behind the wheel may end badly not only for us but also for other road users.

  1. Healthy menu

Another key question is what we provide our bodies with. Therefore, the next three points concern the issue of nutrition. Firstly, we should avoid fast food. This is probably not so easy on the road, with all the gas stations and roadside bars, which tempt us with unhealthy things. However, it is possible to eat a healthy salad or a soup instead of yet another hot-dog en route. With time it will be certainly easier to say no to unhealthy food products. Eating while driving is surely tempting but we can always choose healthier snacks, such as nuts or dried fruit in place of harmful chips.

  1. Water – a source of life

It is important to take care of proper hydration. Insufficient fluid intake may intensify fatigue or have bad influence on a urinary system. Besides, improper hydration equals weaker concentration, which may be very dangerous on the road. We should remember that water is the best beverage.

  1. Getting rid of stimulants

The next rule is to avoid such stimulants as alcohol or cigarettes. Their negative influence on our bodies is rather obvious.

  1. Sleep is good for everything

It is very important to sleep well. Lack of sleep may lead to fatigue, loss of concentration and, in the worst case scenario, falling asleep behind the wheel. We should remember about it!

  1. And what about stress?

Work of a driver is often stressful. A driver should learn how to cope with it. A vehicle provides great conditions for listening to music that we like and that relieves tension. We should also learn some simple breathing exercises, which are very helpful in such cases.

  1. Contact with other people is good for loneliness

Working alone may lead to depression and bad mood. We should try to talk to and keep in touch with, say, other drivers. A short conversation will help us chase away bad and melancholic mood.

  1. Days off are a nice break from work

And finally, we should remember to spend as little time as possible in a vehicle during the much-awaited weekend and be active. Let’s go for a run or a bike trip. It is also good to spend some time outdoors and relax a little.

Each professional driver should be familiar with these rules. For they are necessary to maintain good health and condition. Certainly, everyone wishes to enjoy great health, which is helpful not only at work but also outside of it. To enjoy life as long as possible.