When looking for a carrier we usually pay attention to the price and while it is of significance it should not be a priority. Which other aspects it is worth looking at?

The market is full of companies specialized in carriage of goods because due to optimization of costs of business activities, such services are willingly and often used by entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, where there is supply there is strong competition. In order to acquire a client, transport companies often compete in prices. However, if you are looking for a business partner who will transport your goods, the price should not be of key importance. Why? What should you pay attention to when looking at offers of companies operating on the market?

Roadworthy and safe vehicle is a must

Would you get into a car if you were not sure it is roadworthy? Certainly not. And what about your goods? Do you think that products, often worth hundreds of thousands of zlotys, can be transported by vehicles of questionable technical condition? The cheapest carriers on the market are not always able to take proper care of their fleet. It should not be of surprise if you take account of the fact that by offering low prices they lack funds for ongoing repairs of minor failures. Vehicles offered by such carriers may often be short of equipment intended for securing cargo. As a result, the cargo may be damaged during transport.

Transporting goods in a defective vehicle will in the best case scenario eventuate in a delayed delivery and if there are additional goods loaded onto the vehicle while en route, the risk of accident will also increase.

Experienced and reliable driver for… a penny?

As an entrepreneur you must have noticed that the motivation of employees decreases if they do not receive satisfactory remuneration. Do you think that an experienced driver will agree to work for a minimum rate offered in the sector? Cheap carriers usually employ drivers without experience, i.e., beginners who do not feel confident on the road. A qualified employee would not agree to a low rate because they not only know their abilities but also how to, e.g., drive a vehicle in order to reduce fuel consumption.

If you are tired you find it difficult to focus on a task, don’t you? The same applies to drivers. Cheap carriers often do not keep track of a driver’s working time. Resetting tachographs is a common practice that leads to accidents, tickets, delays and trouble for a client who is exposed to unnecessary stress.

Insurance providing protection

Maybe, due to your business activities, you were obliged to buy insurance. If not, you are certainly aware of the fact that offers of insurance companies may differ in details which affect the scope of protection. A cheap carrier looks for savings; therefore, he purchases the cheapest policy. It may include many exclusions, e.g., the protection might not cover damages resulting from robbery.

Moreover, a cheap carrier cannot afford to protect themselves against, among others, currency fluctuation which may result in shortage of funds for current spend. Then, drivers may have problems with purchasing, e.g., fuel while en route and clients once again have to worry about meeting a delivery date or start with explaining what caused a delay.

When time matters…

You have only several hours or days to deliver your goods to a client? A cheap carrier will not guarantee you will meet a deadline. Why? There are a few reasons. To reduce costs, their employee will decide to take local roads. Furthermore, an inexperienced driver will not drive at the maximum speed allowed for fear of causing an accident or to save fuel. A cheap carrier will also not agree to provisions obliging them to pay compensation in case of a delay.

Cheap but only for a while

Each person starting their business activities fights for clients. The same mechanism applies to the transport sector. Carriers compete mainly in prices but this solution works only for a while. To take proper care of their fleet and employ good drivers, a carrier must make investments. Otherwise, sooner or later they will have to declare bankruptcy.

Do you want to be sure that the carrier of your choice will transport your goods to a specified address? Choose a reliable company and do not let the price be the only determinant of your decision – check what the carrier offers for the specified price. Insufficient coverage of the third party insurance or inexperienced drivers may encourage you to thoroughly reconsider your choice.