Double-manning is more popular among new drivers who, when accompanied by more experienced colleagues, may improve their skills and get to know all road-related habits and rules. To present double-manning in more detail, we decided to describe all rules applicable to transport […]

Ban on sleeping in a truck cab

So far it was possible for a driver to sleep in a cab but today it is prohibited in many EU countries. Drivers will face high fines in, among others, France, Belgium and Germany. What are the fines? Why was sleeping in […]

Minimum wage for drivers

Germany, Norway, Austria… Where else has the act on minimum wages for drivers of foreign companies already come into force? More and more European countries decide to introduce minimum wages for drivers carrying out cabotage carriages within their territories. Each such decision […]

The role of anti-slip mats in transport

Today, rubber anti-slip mats are commonly used in transport. Certainly, this is not without reason. A significant difficulty when transporting palleted goods is often the immobilization of cargo. The problem may be partially solved by using transport belts but they may not […]

High penalties for overloading a vehicle in international transport

Overloading of a vehicle is subject to high financial penalties. We checked the penalty tariffs applicable in different European countries. Provisions on exceeding the total permissible weight or maximum axle load in individual European countries are very diverse. They differ in penalty […]

Transport belts – What you should know about it

Transport belts help to keep the transported cargo in place. They are necessary not only in trucks but also in every vehicle transporting large cargoes. In order to use them correctly you should get familiar with their characteristics. Types of transport belts […]

Alliance du routier – what does it mean for polish carriers?

31 January 2017 is a very important date for the European transport. On this day, transport ministers of such countries as France, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway and Sweden signed an agreement pertaining directly to joint undertakings and a common […]

Pets in a truck cab

Today, a pet in a truck cab is nothing peculiar. We must have heard in the media of a driver who regularly or occasionally takes their dog or cat on a journey across Europe. First of all, it should be mentioned that […]

Road charges in 2017

Every driver using the roads of a given country is obliged to incur road charges. The charges may be covered in the form of a vignette, purchased and affixed to a vehicle’s windscreen or paid for at a motorway gate. Individual countries […]

New minimum wage in Austria. What you should know?

Starting this year, Austria adopted the amendment to the Act on Combating Wage and Social Dumping. What does it mean for Polish carriers? The minimum wage for drivers performing cabotage in Austria has been effective in the country for years. Two years […]

Duties of a truck driver

Duties of a truck drivers is driving trucks. During this activity, a driver transports goods both in the country and abroad. One might think that this is the only obligation of a driver but in fact it is not. Their obligations also […]

Forwarder – who is that?

First forwarders appeared in Europe in the 16th century and managed horse-drawn transport. Later, as maritime trade developed, they expanded their activities and started to organize and supervise transport. However, the strongest development of a forwarder’s position took place in the 19th […]

Import from Germany to Poland

Import from Germany to Poland – products imported from the West Poland is still in its growth phase. We develop dynamically, which means that the living conditions of our fellow citizens are constantly improving. The increasing standard of living among Poles raises […]

Penalties for non-compliance with drivers’ working time

The most important issue with regard to road transport is safety. Legal provisions oblige drivers to comply with norms governing, among others, a working time, thus reducing the risk of dangerous road collisions and accidents. What is the penalty for non-compliance with […]

Truck drivers’ work systems

Work of a professional truck driver engaged in international transport is not easy. It concerns mainly those drivers who perform the so called cross-trades, i.e. they drive without going back to the base. Drivers performing cross-trades usually work in 3/1, 4/1 or […]

10 rules of a truck driver’s healthy lifestyle

The work of a truck driver is harder than it seems. Others look at a driver and think that he or she sits behind the wheel, does not do anything exhausting and constantly changes his or her surroundings so, all in all, [...]

Cross-trades in transport – a new challenge for Polish carriers

Road freight transport is a significant sector of the economy, without which other sectors would come to a standstill. This kind of transport is currently used to carry virtually anything, starting from raw materials to highly processed commodities. As a rule, the [...]

Difference between cabotage operations and rounds

If you are wondering how to minimize the number of empty runs made by vehicles belonging to your company make sure they perform the so called rounds or cabotage carriages. What characterizes these types of transport? Rounds – i.e. round trips Rounds […]

Is MiLoG just the beginning?

Minimum wage is a fact – it has been in force for long in many countries, including Poland. But granting the right to minimum remuneration to mobile employees working in the territory of Germany has raised concerns within the transport sector. Is […]

Minimum wage for drivers, i.e. MiLoG in Germany, Loi Macron in France

Competitiveness of a company depends on various factors. Besides the prices or goods, what matters are the costs borne by a company. And lately, such costs increased for companies operating in the transport sector. Why? Remuneration received by an employee should correspond […]

Cheap carrier – is it a good choice?

When looking for a carrier we usually pay attention to the price and while it is of significance it should not be a priority. Which other aspects it is worth looking at? The market is full of companies specialized in carriage of […]

Proper securing of goods in trucks – what do the clients expect?

The responsibility for securing transported goods so that they do not pose a threat to other road users lies with a consignor. Which security measures are commonly applied today? Before a loaded vehicle starts its journey, it is necessary to properly secure […]

Is a cheap carrier always cheap?

Is a cheap carrier always cheap? You have never used services of a carrier and you have little experience in the sector? Quality and reliability always cost money. The principle is especially true in the transport sector. If you own a company […]

What do we usually export to Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands?

Polish producers not only address the needs of the domestic market but also export their products to the EU member states. Which products are usually loaded onto carriers’ trucks? Experts bear good news for both, manufacturers and carriers. They estimate that in […]

VAT in transport: most important information. What to take notice of and when to pay it?

VAT in transport: most important information. What to take notice of and when to pay it? You want to order carriage of goods but you are not sure if you will receive a VAT or a non-VAT invoice from a carrier? To […]

Working time of a truck driver

Today, everyone lives and works under the pressure of time. Each undertaking must be fulfilled in due time and even better before the deadline has lapsed. Truck drivers work under the same time pressure. They are responsible for delivering shipment on time, […]

4 things you need to know about a waybill

Each day, distributors who want to deliver their goods to plants, supermarkets or construction sites use the services of freight forwarders. Such forwarding companies deliver thousands of cargos to specified addresses. Small deliveries as well as full loads reach the ordering parties […]

Europe within your reach

Europe within your reach – Less Than Truckload (LTL) and Full Truckload (FTL) We specialize in international transport in the European Union (e.g. Germany, Belgium, Netherlands) as well as domestic transport within Poland. As an additional service we offer the transport of […]

Goods on semi-trailers – types of loadings organized by M&W Spedition

4 March 2016 Freight forwarders transport very different things: starting with the smallest cargo such as paper through CDs, tools and cables and ending with steel. However, what if you want to transport something unconventional, oversized or requiring special conditions? In such […]

Forwarder’s duties and carrier’s duties: how to differentiate them?

26 February 2016 You would like to transport your goods and you wonder who to assign the task to? Very often, during the first encounter with the sector you may have some doubts as to what differentiates work and duties of a […]

Forecasts for the transport sector: Let’s take a look into the future

22 February 2016 The situation on the transport market has been characterized by cyclical changes; therefore it is difficult to make any far-reaching forecasts. Current developments clearly demonstrate that 2016 may be the year of extremes. On the one hand fuel prices […]

Transport aiding technologies – solutions improving a freight forwarder’s work

12 February 2016 Every day, virtually in every sphere of our lives, emerge new ways to facilitate our work. Things are no different for forwarding. Therefore, it is worthwhile to do some research and choose the best solutions. It is all the […]

Safety above all – how to protect yourself against theft during transport?

5 February 2016 Acceptance of goods for transport entails great responsibility. A carrier is fully liable for the total or partial loss or theft of goods. Safe transport from points A to B requires significant attention. Freight forwarders do a lot to […]

Everything in the right place – how to load goods in the most efficient way

29 January 2016 If you are worried whether the freight will reach the point of unloading safely, here is a way to reduce the number of your concerns by at least half. Make sure the goods are properly loaded and the rest […]

Devil is in the details, or in other words, what should you look out for when entrusting your goods to a forwarder

22 January 2016 If you decided to employ a freight forwarder you probably count on them to be professional and easily perform assigned tasks. Nevertheless, you will be much more comfortable if you pay attention to a few details that will significantly […]

We learn from others’ mistakes – avoiding suspicious forwarders

The transport sector, as any other sector, is well known for its strong market competition, hence it is easy to fall victim to a less competent company. To avoid risk you should learn the characteristics of such companies and the warning signals […]

Freight forwarding – road signs towards the best one

Dear Reader, if you have come to this place you are probably about to make a decision of great importance to you but mainly to the goods you are intending to ship. Do not worry if you got a headache, it is […]

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