Full Truckload includes transportation of cargo weighting up to 24t and using the whole 13,6m space capacity of the semi-trailer. This solution is suitable for companies, which must deliver many shipments on domestic and international routes every day.

Full loads are being transported by trailers, which can be loaded and unloaded by the roof, from the side or the back.

Depending on our customers requirements we offer transport services using 13,6m trailers (34 euro pallets, max. inside height of 3m) and road trains 7,7m+7,7m (38 euro pallets). All trailers are equipped with security straps, anti-slip mats, edge protectors and the drivers are wearing protective clothing (helmet, vest, glasses and shoes).

We treat our clients individually and offer the best transport solution customized to your specific requirements, choosing the appropriate vehicle to the type of cargo which is being transported.

Our fleet meets all technical and ecological standards.

We offer full truckload (FTL) services on domestic routes within Poland and on international routes – imports/exports between Poland and EU countries, such as: Germany, Belgium, Netherlands.


  • Tel.: +48 614 152 163
  • Faks.: +48 612 971 129
  • M&W Spedition Witold Salamon i Anna Salamon sp.j.

We specialize:

  • Freight transport from Poland to: Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy.
  • Freight transport to Poland from: Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy.

We guarantee timely payments on favorable terms (for instance settling invoices before payment deadline), regular orders regardless of the season and efficient usage of the trailers capacity. Reliable hauliers can participate in our loyalty program (discounts, awards, integration meetings, invi-tations to logistics and automotive fair, sporting events, advertising gadgets).

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