Every day, virtually in every sphere of our lives, emerge new ways to facilitate our work. Things are no different for forwarding. Therefore, it is worthwhile to do some research and choose the best solutions. It is all the more important in the case of tools supporting forwarders in efficient transport organization.

Specify your needs

The software market offers a number of different programs handling each stage of transport independently. Recently, the easiest and at the same time very efficient work-facilitating tools have become mobile applications. The Tasktrans program is integrated with the Trans exchange and constitutes a part of the Trans.eu system. It enables immediate contact between a forwarder and a driver and efficient transfer of orders. The e-CMR app is an independent application, which, among others, allows for exchanging information between a consignor, consignee and driver, displays a current list of planned cargos and enables taking pictures of documents or damage and sends them automatically to a forwarder. The solution is best for those companies, which do not have or do not want to use complex software. Obviously, programs allowing for comprehensive attending of forwarding substantially improve performance. However, for some companies such significant investments may not pay off in the end, especially when they can use just as good solutions for less.

Everything under control

To keep everything under control, one should think of investing in software assisting the whole logistics process: starting from offer acceptance, through ordering transport to sales documentation for the service and possible debt recovery. Such programs – Spedtrans, Marcos, iCargo, Inelo or Pascom – can be considered management aiding systems. Capabilities of such programs cover all logistics processes. Their functionalities include not only such basic ones as issuing orders through CMR (waybill), but also controlling warehouse inventory, which, in consequence, facilitates maintaining statistics.

Lack of trust? Check it yourself!

The wider the choice, the more difficult the decision. Fortunately, most manufacturers offer a possibility to test a trial version of their software. Owing to that, everyone can check precisely, which functions of a program they need: is a free application enough or do they need to invest in an integrated forwarding and transport management aiding system?

All different, all equal

When using only one program supporting all transport processes it is important to make sure that all partners – carrier, driver, forwarder or loader – have access to the same software. Obviously, it is impossible for all companies to use the same one. However, it is possible to make a program available to a person responsible for loading or unloading by creating an additional account. When engaged in long-term cooperation, partners often come to an agreement to invest in the same program, thus facilitating communication. This solution may be obvious but it certainly is yet another factor making the transport process more efficient.

Effective supervision

In the industry such as forwarding everything has to be under control. This is why one should never cut back on software, which significantly facilitates and enables to control the management of a delivery process in a manner best suited to our needs: by means of one versatile tool or several applications. This way we can keep our peace of mind and feeling that we are able to supervise the whole business.