Save your time and money by matching the appropriate vehicle type to the cargo size.

We can transport cargo weighing from 1t up to 24t (1-38 euro pallets). We have at our disposal a modern transport fleet – vehicles with load capacity from 1,2t up to 24t. The vehicles are equipped with ADR kits, as well as security straps, anti-slip mats and edge protectors. Trailers can be loaded by the roof, from the side or the back. Each driver is wearing protective clothing (helmet, vest, glasses and shoes).

We can organize transport using the following vehicles:

  • standard tautliners (13,6m x 2,44m x 2,8m/ up to 24t/ 34 euro pallets)
  • mega trailers (13,6m x 2,44m x 3m/ up to 24t / 34 euro pallets)
  • road trains (7,7+7,7m x 2,44m x 2,8m/ up to 24t / 38 euro pallets)
  • lorries up to 6t load capacity (15 euro pallets)
  • sprinter vans with 1,2t load capacity (10 euro pallets)

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