Transport of goods from Belgium to Poland

has been organized from the beginning of our forwarding activities – already for 15 years.

  • For us, planning, organizing and dealing with all formalities related to transport of goods from Belgium to Poland is a piece of cake.

  • Every day we organize truck transport from Belgium to Poland!

  • We have free truck vehicles everywhere in Belgium.

  • We have all licenses enabling us to carry out transport of goods in Belgium-Poland, Poland-Belgium directions.

  • Transport of goods from Belgium or to Belgium most often includes transport of such goods as: food articles, household chemicals, plastics, furniture, machinery, clothing, car parts, metal or steel products or photovoltaic panels and many other articles.
  • We operate based on the provisions of the forwarding contract set forth in the Civil Code and OPWS 2010 (General Polish Forwarding Conditions).

When ordering transport from Belgium to Poland or from Poland to Belgium you have everything under control. Our services include:

  • regular information about the current condition of transported cargo,

  • assistance in loading, transport and unloading of goods

  • preparing and gathering all transport documents.

  • Contact our forwarders!

Let us know what kind of goods do you have, where and when would you like to transport them.

All you need to do is to fill in the form and our consultant will offer you our best solutions, aimed at cost optimization and safety of transported cargo.