Polish producers not only address the needs of the domestic market but also export their products to the EU member states. Which products are usually loaded onto carriers’ trucks?

Experts bear good news for both, manufacturers and carriers. They estimate that in the following year, interest in Polish products in, among others, Germany or the Netherlands will be growing. As a result, owners of production and transport companies may soon earn more money. Specialists use specific numbers indicating that the value of products delivered to the member states of the European Union may exceed EUR 180 billion.

Polish producers are well aware that it pays off to export products to Western European countries. The products which are the most often loaded onto trucks are, among others, car parts, electrical equipment, furniture or agri-food products (e.g., meat, juices, sweets, frozen fruit). They also include textile and chemical products.

Direction – the biggest economy in the EU

Export to Germany, the most dynamically growing EU economy, is a priority for many Polish producers, which is confirmed by figures; according to data presented by the Central Statistical Office in Poland, export to Germany in the period from January to November 2015 totaled over EUR 44 500 million and thus, increased by 11% y/y.

The above is the sum of many factors. It should be remembered that Polish products are very appealing from the German consumers’ point of view. The proximity of the German market and a significant number of transport companies in Poland that offer carriage of goods to the territory of Germany are also of importance.

Belgium – outside the top ten, but…

Certainly, Belgian entrepreneurs are not the most important economic partners for Polish companies – in 2013, the country was ranked 11th among economic partners of Polish entrepreneurs. However, we should remember that Belgium is considered one of the most significant handling points in terms of international transport.

The products most frequently exported to Belgium by Polish producers include chemicals (17.96% of all products exported in 2013 according to data published by the Central Statistical Office) as well as mechanical and metallurgical products. The Belgian market is full of, among others, motor vehicle parts or medicines from Poland.

Export to the Netherlands in numbers

According to the Central Statistical Office there was also a growth in exports to the Netherlands. Data collected show that over the period from January to July 2015, export of products was higher by 18.5% in comparison to the same period of the preceding year. At the same time, specialists assess that as a result of trade-related problems with Russia, Polish carriers will have increasingly more orders for transport of goods to the Netherlands.

Which products are usually loaded onto trucks going to the Netherlands? Main exports are electronic and mechanical devices, which, according to estimates, constitute 1/3 of all products delivered to the country. Products that enjoy great interest among Dutch consumers are also industrial, grocery and tobacco products manufactured in Poland. It is also worth noting that the goods delivered to the Netherlands last year by many transport companies were antiques.