M&W Spedition is providing services in transportation of various goods from polish and international industry sectors.

Our freight forwarding company specializes in transportation of:

  • building materials, concrete products, bricks, breeze blocks, gates, roller blinds, fence, windows, paints, doors, varnishes, glues, plasters, panels, tiles, fittings, stoves, radiators ect.,
  • groceries
  • textile articles: fabric, clothing
  • chemicals, domestic detergents, cosmetics
  • steel and metal articles: steel constructions, door fittings, tools, wheels, barrows, chains
  • paper and paper packaging, plastic, glass
  • household furniture, office and garden furniture’s
  • car parts, tyres, automotive
  • solar panels
  • machines, machine parts, excavator, concrete mixers, skid streer loaders
  • sea containers, office containers, lodge containers

Goods are most often transported on euro pallets with dimensions 120cmx80cm, gitterboxes or bulk.

M&W Spedition sp. z o.o. sp. k.

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