Import from Germany to Poland – products imported from the West

Poland is still in its growth phase. We develop dynamically, which means that the living conditions of our fellow citizens are constantly improving. The increasing standard of living among Poles raises demand for better-quality products, often imported from our western neighbors. Here are 5 types of products imported to Poland from Germany.

Heavy machinery

Our domestic industry relies, to a rather large extent, on machinery imported from Germany. It concerns mainly construction and agricultural machinery as well as all kinds of other mechanical engineering products. We import not only finished, whole machines but also large quantities of components constituting their equipment. It is the German market that provides us with a significant quantity of technological products available for sale.

Cars and the whole automotive industry

There is no denying that as a country we are not self-sufficient is this area. This does not mean that we do not manufacture any cars or components in Poland. There are a few plants of international corporations in our country, which manufacture selected models from their offers. However, the majority of cars and car parts are delivered to Poland from Germany. This is mainly due to the fact that German automotive industry is in a much better condition and Germany is home to most of corporations that import automotive products to Poland.

Metal and metallurgical products

Poland imports also all kinds of finished metal and metallurgical products. Import of finished parts of devices and structures from Germany results from their quality and competitive prices. Despite the quite well-developed metallurgical industry in Poland, it is strongly affected by conditions influencing its development. For example, electricity prices in Germany are almost 50% lower than in Poland. It translates into the final product price and production profitability.

Chemical products

Every year, Poland imports huge quantities of chemical products used not only in basic economic activities but also in other areas. There are two reasons behind this situation. The first one is unavailability of these products on the Polish market. Therefore, in order for a given product to exist on our market, we must import it. The second one is a better quality of products intended for the German market than of the same products intended for the Polish market.

Food products, textiles and plastics

The most often imported food products are German sweets and children products but it is also necessary to mention animal products. German plastics and textiles are very popular among Poles due to their quality and durability.

Current situation and prognosis for 2017

In 2016, Poland imported products mainly from the above-described groups. Currently, import of products from Germany constitutes nearly 30% of the total value of products imported to Poland. This number steadily increases because the standard of living in Poland improves year by year. And this translates into growing demand for better and better products. A list of items willingly imported to our country is naturally much longer and will certainly extend with time. It is without a doubt that in the upcoming 2017 we will import even more. This is mainly due to growing demand of our fellow citizens and higher salaries. In many cases it will be caused by the cost of production of a given product on domestic market or its unavailability. With today’s condition of Polish infrastructure and constantly developing companies providing transport services, import is a much more attractive solution than domestic production.